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Opportunity is out there, and we’ll help you unlock it

What could you achieve with more resources in your hands?

You know firsthand how hard it can be for your students and young people to access the resources that they wholeheartedly deserve. Students of color, youth from low-income households, and multilingual learners all too often aren’t offered equitable opportunities to learn, lead, and thrive—and transforming this landscape is what we’re here to do together.

After all, leaders like you also deserve access to opportunities to deepen your impact. The world of fundraising can be opaque and overwhelming, and you have limited time to navigate the intricacies of seeking and pursuing applications that can unlock additional resources for your organization.

At CDS Education Consulting, we match your commitment to nurturing youth, demystifying fundraising and capacity-building as we work to achieve your vision.

With our individually-tailored grant writing, fund development, and strategic planning services, together we’ll identify and help you earn opportunities for growth that align with your values and mission.

plan, fund, and implement your big ideas

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We’ve raised $26,000,000+ for schools and nonprofits including…

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Cultivate new partnerships, power up your programs with increased funding, and plan strategically for the future.

We support independent charter schools and youth-serving nonprofits through:


Grants and fund development


Charter school startup & expansion applications and governance support


Strategic planning and facilitation


A few good words.

Dr. Nicole Lyons
Allison Carr
M.Ed., Kingston Hill Academy

“Chiara’s knowledge of school organizations, data, and schoolwide funding was impressive and helpful.

She helped our school secure grants and plan out the projects associated with those grants. She is graceful, organized, patient, and a strategic communicator, and she’s a pleasure to work with in both a professional and personal capacity.”

“Working with CDS Educational Consulting has been a rewarding experience for me professionally.

Not only did Chiara provide support in the area of grant procurement, but she proved to be an exceptional resource as well. She assisted me with my goal of forming more external community partnerships and helping me to carve out time to address organizational development within my very stringent schedule.”

We’re pragmatic idealists and values-driven strategists

And above all, we’re your partner in your vision

At CDS Education Consulting, educational equity is at the heart of our mission, and the promise and potential of young people fuels our work.

By blending pragmatism with idealism, we aim to fund and strategically support educators’ and leaders’ big ideas so that all youth have equitable opportunities to become leaders in their own lives and communities.

We see opportunity everywhere, and we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you in our shared mission to not only level but transform the educational playing field in our communities. We’re honored to become a trusted extension of your organization, your expert strategist and navigator, and a relentless champion for your vision.

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