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About us


We’re fundraisers, strategists, capacity-builders, and champions for your vision.

At CDS Education Consulting, educational equity is at the heart of our mission, and the promise and potential of young people fuels our work.

Whether we’re designing a strategic fund development plan, crafting grant applications, or supporting community charter schools as they expand, we’re driven to put more resources into the hands of frontline leaders and educators making a direct impact.

By blending pragmatism with idealism, we aim to fund and strategically support your big ideas so that all youth have the opportunity to become leaders in their own lives and communities.

We are proud to collaborate with partners in order to bring you the best service

Get to know us

Meet our Founder and CEO, Chiara Deltito-Sharrott

Fundraising strategist, capacity-builder, and educational equity advocate

Master of Urban Education Policy (Brown University)

Doctor of Education Leadership (in progress; University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education)

NACSA-certified Charter School Authorizer

Proud New Englander, and mom to Josie

While working at every level of education in Rhode Island, from individual schools to the public school district and even the state Department of Education, I met so many leaders who were short on two precious resources: capacity and time.

Full of intention, insight, and determination, but without the funds and structures to realize their big goals.

Juggling so many urgent, day to day responsibilities, with no dedicated time and space to plan for the future.

But every young person deserves a truly equitable education and opportunities to thrive—and it all begins with well-resourced leaders and organizations. Following the need, I decided to weave my background in education with my fundraising expertise and launched CDS Education Consulting.

We’re here to turn your vision into tangible strategies and solutions, because we believe that more resources belong in the hands of the leaders and educators who are closest to the students.

I’m so proud that the CDS team has raised over $26,000,000 in support of organizations like yours and the youth you nurture, and that total’s growing every day.

We see opportunity everywhere, and we believe that by working shoulder-to-shoulder with equity-explicit, youth-centric, and partnership-focused organizations, we can not only level but transform the playing field in our communities.

Let’s team up to bring your vision to life.

our committment

Our values are also our promise to you



We lead every project with a customized and flexible approach, shaping our strategy only after getting to know your specific needs and context. While we offer comprehensive industry expertise, marrying compliance with innovation is also one of the things we do best. Not content with the status quo, we’re always finding creative ways to meet and surpass your goals.



We’re committed to advancing educational equity, and we’re here to help level— and transform—the playing field. We partner with organizations that are working to uplift, celebrate, and nurture youth from historically marginalized communities. Taking an active role in facilitating change, together we’re eliminating systems of oppression and their symptoms in our communities.



We’re behind the educators and leaders who believe in every young person’s potential, and we’re all in on your vision for creating a more equitable world. Integrating pragmatism with idealism, we work in service of that vision, using strategy and fundraising as a force for good.



When we collaborate, we sit side by side – we’re the navigator and you’re in the driver’s seat. After creating goals together, we serve up different options to pursue and guide you down the path you choose. We’re never shy about offering recommendations, but we also prioritize your own insight, experience, and community knowledge to shape our approach.



Working in true partnership, following through and delivering on every goal is just how we operate. We’re always transparent with you about possibilities and probabilities, and exceeding your expectations is our favorite thing to do. You lead and educate with excellence, and you deserve the same from us.

school funding

Let’s plan and fund your big ideas together.

Working efficiently and effectively, we shoulder the task of fundraising and capacity-building so that you’re better able to focus on your direct impact—and plan for the future like the visionary you are.

Whether you’re looking for more grant awards, more partnerships and sponsorships, or increased capacity to serve more students, we’re ready to guide you to your goals.