Kingston Hill Academy

Increasing Capacity and Updating Programs

Over the last few months, CDS Education Consulting has worked alongside Kingston Hill Academy (KHA), a public charter school in Saunderstown, Rhode Island, that opened in September of 2001 with just 40 Kindergarten students and has grown to serve 260 students in Kindergarten through Grade 5.

Kingston Hill Academy’s dynamic, innovative, and widely recognized school hopes to serve more students over the next few years, and we are delighted to support their efforts. The first stage of our partnership has focused on:

  • strategic funding alignment work
  • program design 
  • digging deeper into long-term strategic organizational goals 

In addition to providing program development with plans and tools to monitor progress, we have provided their leadership team with 1:1 and group coaching and partnership cultivation. Through this, we worked together to create an environment that was ready for the growth that we brought to the organization.

Together, we have raised over $300,000 to support various initiatives, conducted a needs assessment to put the school on a path toward a new strategic plan, and cultivated several new partnerships to bring new opportunities to the school.

Not only did this fundraising allow the school to achieve the goals we set, but also it allowed the school to become a leader in its field, bringing new educational opportunities to the broader community.