Segue Institute For Learning & Legacy High School

Nurturing Students Now and Fueling Education’s Future

Segue Institute for Learning educates students from historically marginalized communities with a strong focus on social justice and youth empowerment—so when they needed support to expand, we were all in. 

First, we facilitated their “new seats” application process for charter school expansion, working collaboratively with school leadership to co-manage the project, lead community engagement activities and planning strategies, craft grant proposals, and author the school’s application to the Rhode Island Department of Education. 

A few years later, they were ready to dream even bigger, driven by a vision to expand from elementary education into the founding of a new charter high school. 

The results were exactly what we worked and planned for:

  • State approval for the expansion of the school to serve students in grades K-2 
  • An investment of $800,000 from the Federal Charter School Program Grant to support the expansion
  • Approval for the founding of the new Segue Legacy High School, which will provide 400 additional scholars the opportunity to pursue professions in education
  • An award from the nationwide Catalyze Challenge, unlocking new doors for additional resources to support planning and operational cost
  • Recognition and seed funding from the Charter School Growth Fund, the nation’s leading charter school incubator

And the best part? Helping bring Segue’s vision to life wasn’t just about the hundreds of new students they’ll be able to nurture with a high-quality education. It’s also about the generational impact on students, families, and entire communities from Rhode Island’s urban core. 

Through this expansion, they’ll be a leader in helping to solve the state’s shortage of educators, especially those who are linguistically, culturally, and ethnically reflective of the students they’ll teach. 

Segue now has new resources to nurture students in the present and support a more equitable education system into the future, and we’re proud to be their partner in this work.